I am very excited (and a little nervous) to share my very first video with all of you. If you are having trouble viewing it, then you may want to click here.  ENJOY and Please leave me a comment and let me your thoughts.

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How to pick your wedding Colors

(my second favorite post is one that I did for the Pintester Movement)


Aimee @ Dear Harper Blog

Lauren @ My Passion Journey

Brit @ Bit + Co

My nominations for the Liebster Award

    • Autumn @ Pacific Northwest Health
    • Naomi @ Girl Dust
    • Lisa @ Wine and Glue
    • Zauni @ The Kind Side

(and anyone else who would like to participate. Pick at least one question below and leave your reply in the comments)

My questions to the Nominees

    1. Fill in the blank “The thing I love doing the most is __________________ “
    2. Mountains or Beach?
    3. When you are feeling blue, what gets you smiling again?
    4. Tell me one thing you learned today.
    5. What is your favorite blog post, you have ever written; include link (* I stole this one because it was so good *)
    6. Describe an outfit that you would wear everyday if given the chance?
    7. Best advice for a new blogger starting out.
    8. List one thing you are proud of.
    9. Pie or Cake (and flavor)?
    10. One word that describes you.
    11. Tell me a joke.

I love comments, so be sure to tell me what you thought of the video and also your answer to at least one of the questions listed above.

Also be sure top check beck soon for the FEBRUARY edition of THE ULTIMATE BLOG PLANNER.

Until next time !!

  • http://www.dearharperblog.com/ Aimee

    This is so great! So much more personal! Love it and loved your answers! xo

    • http://masterfullyme.com/ Cherin B

      I have been wanting to do one for a while so thank for nominating me and giving me the opportunity :)

      What’s interesting is that it looks a lot darker then it did when I was editing it. Next time I am going to try to amp up the amount of light I use.